Construction Change Management

Proactively manage changes and drive success.

Streamlined process for managing, and tracking change requests. You’ll have the tools and information you need to stay in control.

Construction Change Management Software
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Single source of truth

Track and manage all change requests and documents in a centralized log, so you always know the status of each request.

Trace change requests

Trace changes back to their originating RFIs, Submittals or other project documents.

Budget impacts

Stay on top of the financial impact of change request on the budget of the project.

Configurable Workflow

Enable team members to access, and manage project documents from the office or the site.

Standardize Processes

Set up change management processes and procedures to minimize risks.

Cross-functional integration

Seamlessly integrate with other features of BuildEnd, such as Budget, Submittal, RFIs, Documents and more.

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