Construction Document Management

Keep your documents in check

Streamline the process of managing project documents and make it easy to stay on top of important documents throughout the construction process.

Construction Document Management
buildend construction management platform and document management

Centralized document storage

Ensure that all team members have access to the most up-to-date versions of important documents.

Organize Documents

Documents can be easily organized into folders and subfolders, making it easy to find specific documents when needed.

Secure document storage

Documents are securely hosted in a secure facilities that are ISO certified and SOC 2 audited.

Access documents on the go

Enable team members to access, and manage project documents from the office or the site.

Mobile access

Always have access to documents using our apps for mobiles and tablets.

Offline access

Work on documents even when offline, and all changes will be synced once the device is connected to the internet again.

construction project management
Construction Document Management

Permissions and Auditing

Assign different levels of access to specific users to ensure that only authorized team members have access to sensitive and confidential documents.

Audit logs

Log of all actions taken on the documents, including who accessed or edited a document and when.

Cross-functional integration

Document Permissions seamlessly integrate with other features of BuildEnd, such as Submittal and RFIs.