Introducing BuildEnd: Construction software by construction people

Introducing BuildEnd: Construction software by construction people

My family’s business is residential & commercial construction; I grew up hearing about construction projects, visiting construction sites, and witnessing how the business was run. Unlike my brother who joined the business, my calling was software and high-tech where I have worked for almost a decade.

Talking to my brother over the years, we realized just how much opportunity there is to make running a construction company better using cloud software. Walking into the office, you see a big mess of papers stacked high, rolls and rolls of plans, and boxes full of binders. Things are moving to email and spreadsheets, only exacerbating the problem of information being spread around many places with no easy way to find anything.

The biggest problem we hear from talking to general contractors is that information is siloed. When a project manager or the company owner needs to make a decision, they often need information that is in the wrong office, on the wrong computer, or in the wrong filing cabinet. This leads to delays and sub-optimal decisions that have real financial costs. What if you could have all the information, updated in real-time, at your fingertips?

Sure, there are construction management software suites that promise to solve everything, but for my family’s mid-sized company and thousands of other construction companies like it, these big software are overkill. They are expensive, take a long time to install, require lots of training and require that you rip out tools that are already working well.

When we started working on BuildEnd, we set out to create a way to streamline project communications with internal and external stakeholders and document everything. We also wanted to ensure that all project information such as budgets, plans, and lists were available so that communications could be made knowing the full context of the matter.

BuildEnd is cloud-based construction management software for GCs that helps:

  • Streamline communications such as RFIs and Submittals 
  • Keep budgets updated in near real-time to help preserve margins
  • Improve decision-making by putting financial information at your fingertips 
  • Connecting the back office with the field to keep things on schedule 
  • Make creating payment applications easy to help improve cash-flow

Our goal is to help GCs and sub-contractors run a more efficient business by giving their project teams a single source of truth and communication, whether in the office on the laptop or the job site using their mobile phone.

If you are a GC and haven’t found the right software, we hope to help.

Hamza Warraich, CEO

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